#SportsMedicineMonday: Tendinitis

Jul 30, 2018


It’s common to feel sore after an intensive workout or game, but a dull ache that lasts more than a few days might be a sign of a more serious sports injury, such as tendinitis. As tendinitis affects athletes of all sports, it’s worth taking a closer look at the causes, symptoms and treatment options for this condition.

Tendinitis Causes

Your tendons are thick, supportive cords connecting muscles to bones. During physical activity, these tendons may become irritated or inflamed, a condition referred to as tendinitis. This condition is caused by lightweight, repetitive movements around a specific body part, typically the knee, elbow or shoulder.

Sports commonly associated with tendinitis include:

• Running

• Baseball

• Tennis

• Golf

Tendinitis Symptoms

After a workout, an athlete may dismiss initial tendinitis symptoms as normal soreness and exhaustion. Athletes suffering from this malady may notice an inability to fully move the affected joint, which may affect day-to-day tasks.

Additional symptoms include:

• A dull, aching feeling around the affected joint

• A light burning sensation around the affected joint

• Swelling or tenderness around the affected joint

Tendinitis Evaluation

If you believe you’re suffering from tendinitis or a more severe sports injury, visit Dr. Melander for a complete physical exam. During your exam, Dr. Melander will evaluate your joint and note any signs of strain or tearing. X-ray imaging may also be used in order to gauge the injury’s severity and recommend treatment options.

Tendinitis Treatment

Luckily for athletes, many cases of tendinitis respond well to home treatment. Dr. Melander recommends a combination of rest and ice to resolve this injury. High-impact activities involving the affected joint will only worsen the tendinitis, so consider low-impact alternatives to stay active as you rest the affected joint. Ice and compression therapy will help reduce pain and inflammation around the joint. Apply a covered ice pack and light pressure to the injured area for 20 minutes.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re experiencing joint pain that won’t subside, contact the sports injury experts at Melander Sports Medicine. Dr. Melander works closely with athletes to identify their injuries and develop customized treatment plans that put them back in the game feeling better than ever.

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