#SportsMedicineMonday: Fun Hockey Facts

Jun 3, 2019 A close up of a man's hockey skates while he stands on the ice.

Happy Sports Medicine Monday!

St. Louis is buzzing with excitement as the Blues battle for their first ever Stanley Cup! Here are some fun hockey facts to share with your friends while you cheer on the Blues!

  1. During an intense NHL hockey game, the average player can lose between 5 -10 lbs, most of which is water. This is why they consume protein prior to the game and keep plenty of liquids on hand. Even though hockey is played in a cold ice rink, it is still crucial that the athletes stay hydrated.
  2. Prior to 1914 hockey referees had to place the puck on the ice between both centers’ sticks. This resulted in a lot of cuts, bruises, and broken bones which caused a change in the rules. In order to avoid those injuries, they could now drop the puck between the players’ sticks.
  3. If a team’s two goalies are injured during a game, the rules state that anyone can play the position including a fan from inside the arena.
  4. In 2008 the NHL changed its policy about disclosing injuries to protect opponents from targeting injured body parts of injured players. Teams no longer have to disclose the specific nature of a player’s injury.
  5. 1 in 4 hockey injuries are to the face or mouth and are most commonly the result of contact to a stick or puck.
  6. In 1979 the NHL passed a rule that stated it was mandatory for anyone who joined the NHL from that season forward to wear a helmet. The last player to not wear a helmet retired in 1997.
  7. The size of the rink, goals, and sticks is not uniform outside of the NHL. Even rules vary. This can make international play in events such as the Olympics even more interesting to watch.
  8. Hockey pucks are frozen prior to play to prevent bouncing and to make them easier to control. Since the pucks thaw quickly 12 pucks on average are used per game but as many as 22 have been used in a single game.

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Let’s go Blues!

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