Shoulder Instability

Jul 20, 2016

What is Shoulder Instability

The head of the humerus fits into a shallow socket in your shoulder blade called the glenoid. Strong connective tissue and other ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the shoulder provide stability to the joint. When this system becomes loose or torn the shoulder becomes unstable.

Shoulder Instability Causes:

Shoulder dislocation

Often caused by severe injury or trauma. With a dislocation the ligaments in the front are injured and often leads to continued dislocations.

Repetitive Strain

Shoulder instability can also be resultant of increased laxity due to anatomical reasons or repetitive overhead motion. Looser ligaments make maintaining shoulder instability difficult.

Multidirectional Instability

In a small number of patients the shoulder can become unstable without a history of injury or repetitive strain.

Shoulder Instability Exercises

Perform each exercise 1-2 x’s per day, gradually increasing weight and sets.