National Running Day is Wednesday June 5th

Jun 5, 2019 Runners during a race in a city, on National Running Day

Interested in starting a running program? What better day to start than on National Running Day?

Listed below are some benefits you might see when starting a running program.

5 Benefits of Running:

1. Running improves your Health.

Running can increase your lung function, boost your immune system, raise your levels of good cholesterol, and decrease your risk for blood clots. You can get all of these benefits just by lacing up your tennis shoes and running a few times per week.

2. Running can lead to weight loss.

Running is one of the best ways to burn excess calories and also one of the most effective exercises for losing or maintaining a consistent weight.

3. Running provides you with a boost of confidence.

Running can improve your self esteem through setting and achieving goals. At the end of your runs you will feel a sense of empowerment and a boost of confidence. A quick 30 minute jog can provide these benefits.

4. Running keeps the mind sharp even as you age.

Running leads to benefits in memory, language, and thinking but provides its most significant improvements in focus and concentration. A regular running program has also been said to prevent age-related mental decline and even lead to improved sleep.

5. Running strengthens the knees as well as other bones and joints too.

Running has been rumored to cause age-related bone loss, but running when done properly with good form can strengthen the muscles of the thigh. Strong leg muscles and a healthy body mass index (BMI) can prevent the progression of arthritis in the knees.

To participate and get these great health benefits just lace up your shoes and get running.

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