Melander Sports Medicine is Hiring!

Feb 22, 2019

Melander Sports Medicine


Melander Sports Medicine is currently searching for a full-time Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) to join the team!! Please see the below job description for the position and submit all resumes and cover letters to Emily Cox at


Job Title: Athletic Trainer/ Marketing Liaison

Job Purpose:

The athletic trainer will work alongside the physician to optimize the efficiency of office procedures and to ensure continuous high-quality care for all patients.

Job Requirements:

Employee is required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from an accredited program that is in good standing with both CAATE and the BOC. The employee is required to maintain certification through the BOC and retain his or her license through the Missouri State Board of the Healing Arts. Employee must have good time management skills, be able to multi-task, work well with others, and have good communication skills. Computer skills that are required, but are not limited to, include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and proficient online navigation.

Clinic Duties

  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to: triaging patients, conducting an initial evaluation, post-operative wound care, wound dressing, preparing injections, preparing diagnostic ultrasound, obtaining all appropriate patient paperwork and imaging, ensuring that the patient is in appropriate attire for the physician’s examination, casting, DME fitting, crutch fitting and instruction, home exercise program instruction, EHR utilization, ordering labs/MRIs, and generating PT notes.
  • Employee will assist with both physician and NP clinic.
  • Employee must have a sound understanding of casting application and removal techniques and how to measure and fit DME.
  • Responsible for the Sports Medicine Hotline cell phone and all associated calls. Employee will answer questions, communicate with referral sources, therapists, other ATCs etc. and schedule appointments as needed.

  Office/Desk Duties

  • Review all dictation from prior day’s clinic and commit to patient’s chart in EHR.
  • Construct post-surgical instructional folders.
  • Maintain all home exercise programs based on the newest and most relevant evidence-based practice findings.
  • Update and maintain all surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation protocols based on the newest and most relevant evidence-based practice findings.
  • Research presentation and article topics. Employee will deliver all presentation materials and tools to presentation site when necessary.
  • Responsible for updating all information on Melander Sports Medicine website and posting a bi-weekly blog post.
  • Order marketing materials
  • Attend promotional events (average 3-5 per year)
  • Pursue new and maintaining existing relationships with referral sources through various marketing avenues.


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